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Before Fondoo: Orders come in from various apps, reservations from somewhere else, things slip, customers get frustrated. After Fondoo: Beautiful website, online ordering, reservations and more - all in one place, customer retention shoots up, a sense of calm sets in.

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Running a restaurant is especially challenging when third parties take a large cut off your revenue, doesn't give access to your own customer data, and runs absurd discount promotions which only gets them more users.

Fondoo gives the power back to you and cuts off third parties.

A beautiful website.

You get a website that’s beautiful and on-brand. Tweak the colors, add your logo, menu, hours and make it yours!

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Order management easy-peasy.

Your website comes built-in with an online ordering system. Manage orders and reservations right from your dashboard.

Customer Data? Yours.

Take the guesswork out of marketing with access to your customer data and create repeat business.

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So, how much does it cost?

Not $12,000 (a typical cheque size paid to third-parties) and no BS setup fees required.


For QOS, ghost kitchens, small restaurants

$49 /month

✓ Full Website
✓ Online Ordering
✓ 50 items
✓ Unlimited Orders


For restaurants who want the best of everything

$79 /month

✓ Full Website
✓ Online Ordering
✓ 100 items
✓ Online Reservations
✓ Unlimited Orders


Aesthetics, compliance and all your custom needs


✓ Full Website
✓ Online Ordering
✓ Unlimited Items
✓ Online Reservations
✓ Unlimited Orders
✓ Custom Site Development

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